Professionals working together to deliver your goods

The POLE network is a group of SMEs specialising in road transport and was founded in 1997. We are the leading pallet distribution network in France. Our standards include reliability and compliance with deadlines. We have 64 members in total and 5 logistics platforms enabling you to optimise your consignments. We work closely with each other with agility and flexibility to transport your goods. We offer you a more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly service. We believe in quality, professionalism, transparency, solidarity and friendliness. We are here to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us!

How far we’ve come

POLE has really grown. Born in the heart of South West France, it rapidly developed in the East of France in 1999 and now covers the whole country. All the while it has also opened up to Europe. The network has grown from 8 founders to 64 members and continues to develop to meet your transport needs more and more effectively.

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Unique qualities which transport you

Our members collaborate with each other by giving equal importance to their direct customers and their colleagues. All of our customers are already satisfied with this unique commitment to quality!

Pooled resources

Our members have 4 transit platforms to massify and streamline their goods flows. This pooling of resources allows us to optimise transportation plans by making fewer empty journeys. This allows us to offer quality services at competitive prices!

Reliable and effective tracking

Our organisation is based on the smooth flow of information between each carrier. We have embedded computing solutions to best manage the monitoring and organisation of our goods flows, thereby making our transport more efficient and reliable – and you never lose sight of your products!

A sustainable and responsible approach

Our environmental commitment and pledge of solidarity naturally flow from our network operation. By optimising our flows, we keep our pollutant emissions to a strict minimum, and solidarity is written into our network’s DNA.

POLE has a partnership with Tred Union. This allows us to pool our purchases and play on our complementary skills to provide you with the very best services.

Our responsible commitments


Our network is constantly developing, enabling better coverage in the country and increasingly efficient transport. All members can therefore mutually benefit from their experience and contacts; a real virtuous economic cycle is in place.


Working conditions, the quality of life of our drivers, regular training: we all share the same ethical values and our members are selected according to strict criteria. As a group of French SMEs, we also claim a real “Made in France” service.


Our carriers are trained to drive in an environmentally responsible manner and our strategy to optimise goods flows also contributes to this process. Indeed, we send fewer trucks out on the roads, they travel less distance, and therefore emit less CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Our network in figures


Founded in



1 000 000

pallets transported every year


locations a day




of our own resources used

600 000

consignments a year


delivery time